"Our films and photography have a cinematic style that is made to go beyond the content itself and leave a lasting impression on people's minds. Each and every film means something to us. It's not only what we do but why we do it - this is our essence."

About The Founders 

Cynthia Cazanas-Garin is an award-winning filmmaker from Cuba. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Film and Media Art from Emerson College and earned a Bachelor’s in Film, Radio and Television from the University of Arts in Havana, Cuba.


Her filmmaking content is informed by personal and social issues she feels are important to explore. The themes of immigration, identity, and professional fulfillment are part of her work and will continue to be developed in a range of cinematic approaches in the future.


Her early films, mostly documentaries, raise public awareness about serious issues in her home country of Cuba, as in her documentary Natural Selection (2016).

During her studies in Cuba, she was a Teacher Assistant for the Scriptwriting and Documentary Direction classes. Her passion for teaching has continued to grow in the United States where she served as a Graduate Assistant for several Visual and Media Arts courses and workshops at Emerson College.


She has found it rewarding to work with young students with different levels of experience and to help them introduce fresh perspectives to their classes while sharing their ideas and thoughts with others.


Being from a foreign country and attending Emerson has allowed her to build a comfortable and inclusive learning environment that stimulates creative work and furthers professional development while creating an environment where everyone, herself included, pushes themselves and learns something new.